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Laser Hair Removal: A permanent solution to your unwanted hair concerns.

With the FDA approved Laser Lightsheer diode machine. We go through the process with a cool tip, gentle glide across the skin, delivering pulses of light which only enter as deep as the hair follicle, which then these pulses of light destroy the live tissue surrounding the hair follicle and the hair follicle itself which then causes permanent removal. These hairs must be dark brown or black in order for the laser light to see and target the melanin in the area that causes hair growth.

After a laser treatment the skin may have a sunburn feel and in some clients a histamine like reaction (like hives) may occur, which can simply be controlled with any antihistamine medication taken before and after a treatment to calm the area (Such as Benadryl). These reactions are simply a sign that the energy needed was delivered to effectively destroy the hair follicle.

Treatments range from 4-6 weeks apart, leading to 8-12 weeks apart. Laser hair removal session required are 4 –7 to effectively remove 80-90% of the hair. The client is then given the option to continue treatments in order to remove the last 20%, which may be effective, as long as the hair is still the required color and texture. In some cases a client may then be left with some fine sporadic growth. Others may get pretty close to complete clearance. These cases all depend on medical health involving hormone related illness, or just the genetic makeup of each individual.

Laser Hair Removal Prices


Lip $40 Neck (Front) $50
Chin $30 & Up Neck (Back) $50
Sideburns $50 Full Back $150
Face $75 Face with Neck $90
Face & Forehead $100 Chest & Ab $150
Glabella (Between Brows) $25 Navel Strip $50
Nose $25 Chest $100
Ears $30 Ab $100
Lower Leg $175 Shoulder $100
Upper Leg $175 Areola (Nipple) $30 & Up
Knees $50 Full Buttocks $150
Feet & Toes $40 Gluteal Strip $50
Half Arm $100 Basic Bikini $80
Full Arm $200 Bikini Across Top $40
Hands/Fingers $50 Full Bikini (Brazilian) $150
Under Arms $80
Man’s Beard $50 & Up

Man’s Full Back, Shoulders and Neck Package – $199

Add Upper Quarter Arm – $250


A non permanent solution to your unwanted hair with my revolutionary French cream wax. Many clients find this wax to be a lot less painful, with little to no irritation. A great solution for clients who are not candidates for Laser Hair Removal, such as blond and red hair, or very dark skin types. Excellent for eyebrow contouring.

Waxing Prices


Lip $15 Feet $12
Chin $15 Chest & Ab $35
Brows $18 Abdomin $25
Full Arm/Hands $50 Back $40
Half Arm $25 Neck $20
Underarms $25 Shoulders $20
Hands $12 Basic Bikini $22 & Up
Lower Leg $35 Buttocks $30 & Up
Upper Leg $50
Full Leg $60


Micro Dermabrasion Treatment: With Diamond Tip

This treatment provides you with safe, and little discomfort to effectively exfoliate the upper layers of the epidermis which forms dead skin cells.
The diamond tip helps remove 30-50% of dead skin cell. Leaving you with fresh, healthy skin.

The vacuum action stimulates microdermabrasion increasing blood supply that provides nutrients needed for regeneration. Also stimulating new collagen and elasticity.
Requires a series of 6 or more treatments.

Treats: Sun damaged skin, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, Blackheads, Couperose, superficial scars

Micro Dermabrasion Treatment Prices


Single Treatment $90 Package (4 Treatments) $299


AFA Peels / Skincare: With Amino Acid

Performed by professionally trained skincare technician. AFA facial peels consist of higher concentrations of AFA, which dramatically accelerates the effectiveness of the AFA skincare program. AFAs exfoliate, hydrate and perform anti-oxidation. The typical irritation experienced with exfoliation is balanced by natural hydration and anti-inflammatory qualities of anti-oxidation. Skin will feel smoother immediately, hydration increases and exfoliation begins to take place.

Treats: Fine lines and wrinkles will diminish in appearance, skin tone will appear brighter, and sun damage and scarring will even out. Helps with acne and blackheads.

AFA Peel / Skincare Treatment Prices


Face (Single Treatment) $125 Package (6 Treatments) $599