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From: Tracy

Their Testimonial:

That machine is awesome! Best decision I ever made!


From: Rob F

Their Testimonial:

Karina is very professional and her home studio is very clean.  I did some laser treatments and i am now hair free on my upper arms, neck, shoulders and back.  I highly recommend Karina!


From: Prisciliana Escobar

Their Testimonial:

Best Place in Hamilton to do laser treatment!!


From: Mandiee Joelyne

Their Testimonial:

Just had my first hair removal treatment with Karina and it was amazing! I can’t wait to see the results at the end and be comfortable and confident on my wedding day! thanks again!!

Also, wonderful location set up inside her residence, very clean and professional!!


From: Zara Hafid

Their Testimonial:

great place, karina is very professional. I highly recommend it!!


From: Mary T

Their Testimonial:

Have worked with Karina for years for both facial and bikini line hair removal. She is an expert in this area and her services are very effective. I would recommend her to anyone.


From: Karin Lutz

Their Testimonial:

The Laser is amazing!! Great job! (Bikini)


From: F’zra Nzm

Their Testimonial:

So happy I and my sis did our laser sessions (Arms, Full legs, underarms) with pure essence ! Wonderful and effective results have lasted for years, which I am very grateful of. Karina is a wonderful, kind individual who delivered amazing professional service ! I will be going back to Karina very soon again, and recommend her services to anyone anytime.


From: Zara and Fazy

Their Testimonial:

My self and my sister have been to Karina few years back for couple of laser sessions. Since we were very pleased and overwhelmed by the results of laser hair removal for the arms, full legs and under arms which have lasted for years through pure essence laser (Karina), we were looking for her yet again to get a touch up done as it has been 3 years now. Karina was an amazing individual who made us feel comfortable and welcomed always with her very kind nature. The service she provided was exceptional. I will always recommend Karina and pure essence anytime to anyone. I am very happy I found her online as I was out of touch due to studying aboard. My sister and I are looking forward to go back to pure essence soon 🙂


From: Angela

Their Testimonial:
Karina is amazing! I visit regularly and will continue too. Her microdermabrasion has really helped my face and skin. Also love the laser hair removal. It’s number one.


From: Angelica McConnell

Their Testimonial:

Very professional service for a home business.  Very very clean, comfortable and spa like.  Products used really helped my skin. Will definately be going back regularly.


From: Heidi

Their Testimonial:

Fifth treatment on lower legs and great results. Went from dark thick black leg hair to minimal fine fuzz. Thank You for great service.


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